April Ipsy bag! 🦋

Hello my loves!

April is quickly coming to a close. Which means deciding on colleges is days away for Hailey and I. EEK!!

So naturally I’m writing this blog to distract myself from my future.

Who needs that stress?? Pfft not me!

I just want to start off by saying, I adore the design of April’s bag! The butterflies.. TOO CUTE!!

It gives a perfect spring time vibe, not to mention all the makeup I pulled out! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLL

Delectable (miracle material) ultra nourishing hand cream.

I am a violinist, who’s hands get grossly dry. So I am an avid lotion user. Some may even say an addict. Honestly ask Hailey, if she were to need lotion, I know I’m the first one she ask, because I always have some type of lotion on me at all times! So when I opened this I was so excited. I was worried at first because I thought it would smell like a minty toothpaste, luckily it only had a soft hidden scent of mint. The lotion also has coconut oil, shea butter and aloe oil in it, so I know my hands are definitely getting the nourishment they need! I love love love this!

Luna eyeshadow

I will say I have a little groan when I say the word eyeshadow, because I just KNEW it was going to be gold, just like allll the others. I wasn’t wrong, it was gold, but it wasn’t the burnt gold that I usually get. The gold was very light, very natural looking, which I liked because it isn’t something I usually get or try! I have a Luna lipstick that i also got from Ipsy, and I think the two together will make an awesome pair!

Trifle cosmetics sugar bunny heavenly lip scrub

I was so excited to get this!… so excited I forgot to unbold the first sentence! I’ve never tried any lip scrub so I was super excited to try this! It taste like watermelon, and it leaves your lips soft and gives them a natural plump. Definitely love this! And let’s not forget the cute little bunnies!!!

NYX soft matte lip cream

When I opened this I was sooo excited. I had saw this exact lip cream on Pinterest the other day and had told myself to get it to do a review on it! Well I sure did get it! And it’s my favorite type of lipstick.. Matte! I love how it’s so natural looking, yet so elegant. Very velvety and soft, semi long lasting. It lasted me half the school day which was good! I would just liked it to be 24 hour last. Other than that I loved it!

Pretty woman nail polish

I was a bit surprised to get this lil thing. I hardly ever get nail polish. I think I’ve only gotten nail polish 3 times. I really do love this shade, it’s not too dark nor is it too light. It’s very subtile. Perfect for spring!

That’s it for my April Ipsy bag! I would say it was a huge win!


4 thoughts on “April Ipsy bag! 🦋”

  1. This may seem like an odd question, but I see we got the same shade of the NYX lipstick. Do you feel like what color choices you have marked really matter? Because both my sister and I both have profiles, 100% different and both got this shade. Despite only one of us having neutral shades marked 😑 So I’m kinda leaning towards them not listening


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