Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I have been testing out this mascara from Pacifica for the last few weeks. It has an adjustable wand, so I was dying to try out that feature, of course!


  • Price: $16
  • Cruelty free and vegan!


7 in 1:
• Lash Serum • Instant Length • Lash Lifting • Volumizing • Conditioning • Rich Color • 2 in 1 Brush

To be honest, I have quite mixed feelings on this mascara, so I’m just going to lay out my thoughts, and you can decide whether this mascara will work for you!

This mascara has kind of a jelly/clay formula, it is thick and goopy. It doesn’t weigh down your lashes, it actually curls mine nicely. This doesn’t give me much length but it will give you lots of volume. This just got so clumpy on me. The product is thick and it takes a long time to comb through your lashes if you would like to have more than three eyelashes on each eye and separate them. I just don’t have time for that in order to get the look I want when I have so many other mascaras that work better.

This is incredibly black, it is very pigmented. It is easy to remove but it will stay on all day. It flakes a tiny bit on me but not much. It definitely does not damage my lashes, they don’t feel brittle or dry after using this mascara.

The brush is a fun feature, it is nice to be able to shorten the wand for doing my lower lashes so that it’s easier to work with.


This is after ten minutes of combing through my lashes to separate them because the formula is so thick!


  • curled my lashes nicely
  • It is very pigmented
  • lasts well
  • comes off easy when you are taking it off.
  • nourishing for the lashes


  • This just makes my lashes clumpier than I want!
  • The formula is goopy and pretty thick, harder to work with and it takes forever to comb through your lashes to separate them

Anyways! Those are my thoughts on this mascara, I don’t personally love it and I wouldn’t recommend it. If you love clumpy lashes you might like this though!

— Hailey


10 thoughts on “Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review”

  1. I have yet to find my one, amazing vegan mascara that works as well as Maybelline. Thanks for this review, even if the product wasn’t great you’ve saved me trying this one 🙂

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