Our First Influenster Voxbox: Matrix Rebond Haircare Review

Hello guys! We got our first Influenster Voxbox a couple of weeks ago and we were so excited! We received the total results line, the Shampoo, Pre-conditioner and Conditioner from Matrix.


  • Price: Shampoo: $9.7, Preconditioner: $13.50, Conditioner: $9.75 all are color safe.
  • This brand says they are cruelty free, but are a part of L’oreal which might still test on animals in China.
  • 10.1 Oz of product

Promise: This whole line of haircare is supposed to repair damaged hair by reconnecting hair bonds and make your hair soft and strong.

Our thoughts:

Shampoo –

Christine (Straight hair that is lightened): I liked the shampoo because a little went a long way, it lathered really well, my hair felt pretty clean afterward.

Hailey (Curly): This was way too harsh for my hair type because I need a very hydrating shampoo, but it did leave my hair clean and get rid of any product buildup.

Overall: Recommend for girls with straighter hair types.

Preconditioner –

Christine: I was scared because it felt greasy at first but after I washed it out with the conditioner my hair felt good, I think it did a good job adding shine.

Hailey: I loved this step, it was so moisturizing and made my curls feel very defined and nice. I really liked having it on.

Overall: Recommend to anyone, it really helped add shine and repair the hair.

Conditioner –

Christine: I liked it, I didn’t love it, it was in the middle, it felt like a normal drugstore conditioner. I liked how it felt with the preconditioner and it didn’t feel greasy. It was fairly moisturizing and my hair felt good for a day but went back to normal afterward.

Hailey: I liked it as well, it was not moisturizing enough for my hair type personally, so If you have dry hair I think you could find something better. My hair was moisturized mostly because of the preconditioner step, I didn’t love the conditioner.

Overall: We would recommend because it does its job and is reliable for a conditioner if you don’t have very dry hair. If you have curls though, don’t recommend!


  • Shampoo really did get your hair clean, if you have oily hair that would probably work amazingly for you
  • Preconditioner was super moisturizing and makes your hair very soft.
  • Conditioner was reliable and did its job.


  • The shampoo was pretty harsh, and if you don’t want to use sulfates on your hair then don’t buy this!
  • Preconditioner felt greasy in the shower, but once you rinse it out it felt fine.
  • Conditioner won’t work if you have really dry hair so would not recommend for curly hair!

Have you ever heard of or tried Matrix haircare? Let us know down below and tell us your thoughts on these products!

— Christine and Hailey

6 thoughts on “Our First Influenster Voxbox: Matrix Rebond Haircare Review”

  1. Three steps for shampoo/conditioner seems a bit much haha I also received a shampoo voxbox for my first Influenster voxbox. How did it smell? I know that’s weird, but I love a shampoo with a good scent.

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