Dollar Store haul!

Hello lovebugs!

A few months ago, Hailey and I went to the dollar store in search of some props to use for our blog photos.


These beads will be super cute neatly scattered around a product


Perfect for adding a bit of pop


Because who doesn’t love candles?!

Floral adhesive

This will not be used in our blogs, but I am using them to put inside my drawers

Nose strip

Also not being used as a prop, gotta keep them pores clean!

Plastic organizers

Also not being used as props, haha I love to be organized!

That’s it for our dollar store haul!

What was your greatest find at the dollar store?

— Christine

7 thoughts on “Dollar Store haul!”

  1. I love the dollar stores for blog props! I go at least once a week, and especially just before holidays to get the cutest decorations. 🙂 Great post and haul! Thank you for sharing! ❤ 🙂


  2. I love th dollar store I find so many good things in there. I have yet to see adhesive film but I have found those acrylic drawers and ended up buying a few for my vanity and they look pretty good here. Lol. And some, those decorative beads look amazing in home decor DIYs

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