Mini Ulta Haul

Hello love bugs!

This girl went to Ulta, so naturally there’s a haul!

I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I went into Ulta for three things, and came out with three. All under $30 bucks!

The first thing I got was Milani conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation and concealer.

Now I’ve seen this online so many times, so when I found out our Ulta JUST started selling them, I had to get it before it was gone. I was just about to run out of foundation, and I was fresh out of concealer so this was a win win! I really like how velvety the application is, and it really does act as both a foundation and concealer. Although it didn’t really cover up my dark circles as well as my age rewind stick did, but other than that I really loved it! New fav foundation. And it was only $9.99!

Eessence eyebrow designer.

I got this eessence eyebrow stick because I liked how it also had the brush on the cap, plus my two faced eyebrow stick also broke ( 😦 ) so I needed an eyebrow pencil ASAP! the brush doesn’t work very well because the cap is very loose, but the pencil itself is really good! This was only $1.99

Okay I lied!! I only went into Ulta for 2 things, but this Mario Badescu facial spray facial spray with aloe, camomile, and lavender

was on sale for $5.99, so I just had to have it! I have been looking at that spray for a long time, I’ve also been wanting to broaden my Mario Badescu collection, so I feel this spray is the perfect start! I like to put it on right before bed once all my makeup is off. It really gives me a refreshed feeling and helps me sleep!

That’s it for the haul!

What’s your favorite Milani product?

What’s your favorite Mario product?

12 thoughts on “Mini Ulta Haul”

  1. I am currently really enjoying the Milani Colour Statement Matte Lipstick. I have never been so surprised by an item. I purchased 2 colours, and went back for 2 more later, because the quality was so great. I am planing on getting some more everyday colours too. For $3.50 CAD, you really can’t beat the quality. They go on so smoothly, you easily forget about them, they are a true matte, and they are super pigmented. I ended up getting some for my sister, my mother-in-law and my bestie. Even bought one for a giveaway for my own blog, haha.

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  2. I still want that facial spray and I also want to try the milani foundation but it’s hard picking out a drugstore foundation that will match my skin tone perfectly


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