March Ipsy bag

Hello love bugs! Spring is finally here!! Which means another Ipsy bag review!

I love how this months bag you could color! Unfortunately I don’t have the patience to do complex coloring hahaha!

Dls bakes pink highlighter



I’m all for highlighters, so I was super excited to get this in the bag. It takes awhile to get product onto the brush, but what does get on gives you a really nice natural glow, which I love! The only thing I don’t like about this product is how hard it is to get product.

Glossier coconut balm dotcom

I am not usually a huge lip balm type of girl, I just put on lipstick and go. This lip balm though, lemme tell you. I love how just a little goes a long way, and it keeps my lips moist and healthy all day! Perfect to put on before a matte lipstick!

Aurora lip gloss

Like i said before, and have said in previous posts. I’m not huge on lip gloss, I’ve never really liked it and that was the case for this gloss, I didn’t like how it was super sticky.

Eyeko lash alert mascara

This little bud came in just in time! I had just run out of mascara and was feeling too lazy to go out and buy more! I love how the brush is in a bit of a U shape, it really puts volume and curl into your lash! Eyeko has won me over again!

That’s it for March’s bag!

Comment down below what you got in your Ipsy bag!

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