Pan That Palette 2018 Update #1

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog, today I’m going to share my first update for pan that palette 2018. I am panning (well, attempting to pan) the Bobbi Brown Beauty Book palette which was limited edition from her 2016 holiday collection.

How my palette looked on January 1st 2018

How my palette looks on March 24th (the day I’m writing this post!)

I’ve made small progress on the white shade, I need to get in the habit of actually using eye primer and setting down a base shade. I’ve loved the silver shimmer shade in my inner corner and also foiled onto the lid, so I’ve made quite a big dip in it. I love the soft matte brown for filling in my brows and my transition so it has the beginnings of a dip! The champagne pink shimmer shade was my go to lid shade for a bit so I will bring that look back in the spring and summer. I’ve also made a dip in the dark plum by using it to set the eyeliner in my waterline! Currently the look I’ve been doing is that matte brown as a transition, the silver foiled onto the lid and then smoking out my eyeliner a bit!

The next update will be at the end of June, halfway into the year, hopefully I’ll have some pan by then to show you!

Is there a product you have been panning this year? If so, let me know what it is!

— Hailey

24 thoughts on “Pan That Palette 2018 Update #1”

  1. Slowly but surely you’ll hit the pan. I’ve never tried to hit the pan on a palette (until this year) but I might have chosen the wrong one cause I don’t use it often. And for me, white shades are usually the first to go lol

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    1. Thank you! Yeah it is so easy, I’ve had to cut myself off from buying them. That’s awesome and good luck hitting pan! I totally understand I would never want to toss a palette that cost $50 without getting all my money’s worth!


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