ItCosmetics Liner Love Waterproof Anti-Aging Creme Gel Eyeliner

Hello guys! The last couple of months I have been testing out this eyeliner in the creme eyeliner pot version, I have had the gel pencil before and loved it and emptied it, lets get into the review:


  • $24
  • Cruelty free!
  • 6 shades, 3.5g of product

Promise: Liner Love™ Waterproof Anti-Aging Crème Gel Eyeliner is an innovative formula designed to lay down eye-enhancing, saturated, rich color!! Developed with leading plastic surgeons, it’s infused with lash-loving ingredients, such as peptides, collagen, and vitamin serums. These highly pigmented colors are clinically shown waterproof, even after 12 hours of wear.

So that is a ton of promises! I personally have fallen in love with this product! It is so pigmented and so black, lays down color so smoothly and will last all day. This lasts in the waterline longer than any other eyeliner I have tried, it lasts about five to six hours easily without fading the tiniest bit. It is super easy to apply.

I have used up the pencil version of this liner and personally I find the two formulas very similar, it just comes down to what you like working with.

I haven’t noticed any difference with my lashes being more conditioned or anti-aging benefits. I also would not call this fully waterproof, it is water resistant on me, it has lasted through a light sprinkling of rain and tearing up from allergies but if I were to go for a run in the rain, it would not last through that. For me, that is all I ask for in an eyeliner, to last through tearing up, and when I have to walk somewhere and it is raining lightly, so I enjoy its water resisting power.



  • very pigmented!
  • easy to work with
  • lasts on your lid and waterline for ages
  • cruelty free!
  • water resistant
  • It will come off easily when you want to remove it


  • Expensive!
  • Promises anti-aging and other benefits you can’t really measure

I personally am in love with this eyeliner and I really recommend you all try it out! Let me know your favorite eyeliner down below (gel or pencil) I’d love to know!

— Hailey


21 thoughts on “ItCosmetics Liner Love Waterproof Anti-Aging Creme Gel Eyeliner”

  1. I’ve tried gel liner from a pot before when I was younger and loved it then, but I love the extra benefits this one gives, and the fact it’s cruelty free as well! Lovely post 🙂

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