b.liv Hydrating Bubble Mask Review

Hello guys! We are so excited to review this face mask, bubble masks have been trendy lately and so we got together and tried out the b.liv 02 Bubbly Bright Face Mask!

(these products were gifted to us, but all opinions remain our own)


  • $39 US, 50g of product
  • Oxygen bubble/foam mask for brightening and purifying.
  • This brand is ‘pending’ on Logical Harmony for their cruelty free status.

Promise: purifying mask that combines oxygen bubble and rice powder to brighten and enliven complexion. (From b.liv’s website, not an affiliate link)


Christine said her skin looked kind of dull and Hailey said her skin was a little bit uneven with redness and dull as well.

What it looks like on:

The texture was smooth with small red beads that were a little bit rougher than the texture of the mask. It went on smoothly, but it didn’t spread out too well at first, we had to go back in to make sure both of our faces were fully covered with mask. That could be our fault because we have never done a mask of this type! The bubbles began forming within 2-3 minutes and then disappeared around the 10 minute mark when it was time to wash the mask off.


You can see that it really did brighten and make our complexions radiant!
While washing it off it really did exfoliate. Christine had a bit of face makeup on that she hadn’t gotten off fully and the mask removed any leftover product instantly. It as very toning and made both of our faces look very radiant and glowy. It evened out our skin tones as well, any redness was calmed down. Our complexions were refreshed and felt slightly more tight.

Overall this mask lived up to its promise and gave us skin that felt lovely, it made a difference in our skin immediately so both of us would be willing to purchase this product with our own money.

— Christine and Hailey

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  1. Aww I’ve been wanting to try out this bubble mask for so long, now I really really wanna try it after seeing how cute you guys look in the picture haha.. great post! x

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