Maybelline Age Rewind Stick

Hello my lovelies! I am so sorry for the lack of posting on my half, I’ve been going through a lot of family and self issues that have taken away from my availability to post.

But I am back and ready to rumble!

Today I will be posting my review on Maybelline’s age rewind stick.

Like any high schooler I’ve developed pretty bad dark circles under my eyes. Sometimes concelor will cover it up, but sometimes it doesn’t and it takes away from the look when you can’t cover up dem dark circles!

My friend uses this stick and recommended it to me, so the next day I went out to the drug stone and bought it.

There were two “sizes” at the drugstore, one was a skinny stick and the other was a fatter one. To me that was the only difference, they were the same height.

I went with the skinny stick to test it out (even though it didn’t matter!)

I was amazed when I tested it out with a full face of makeup! Boy did it cover up my dark circles like it wasn’t anyone’s business! I was a bit tongue tied after putting it on.

What I’ve been doing hence far is after I apply the age rewind I will put on my normal concelor to even Bette the effect.

The age rewind is light yet has a lot of pigment, perfect for covering up.

My only issue with this product was that I couldn’t open it up and simply slap it on, I had to twist the cap for a good 2 minuets before any product came out. I have to redo this about every other day.

Other than that I really loved this product! Defiantly will re buy when it goes out!

Ta ta my loves!

Comment down below the most recent emoji you’ve used, and if you have the age rewind stick, do you like it?


13 thoughts on “Maybelline Age Rewind Stick”

  1. I really love this concealer too! Great post keep up the good work!!❤
    If you want check out my blog too i just posted a review on a new product from Maybelline New York too!😍


  2. I’ve been using this for years!!! It’s good but as I’m getting older I might need something different – maybe I’m just bored of seeing the same packaging 😂

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  3. I just bought one of these at the drugstore but sadly the lightest shade is still a bit to dark for me so I haven’t been able to actually wear it yet! After hearing about how well it worked for you I can’t wait until summer so I can actually use it 😊

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