Stila Heavens Hue Highlighter Review

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog, I hope you’re having a lovely day!

I’m so excited to review this highlighter for you! Lets get into it:


  • Price: $32 from Sephora
  •  Cruelty free!
  • 3 shades available

Promise: A natural-looking, radiance-enhancing highlighter with a unique texture and a barely-there feel.

I actually think that this highlighter lives up to the claims! If you look at this in the pan, it looks incredibly glittery and shimmery but when you apply it, it is very natural looking and much more wearable than it looks. Because it is more of a cream formula, you can layer it with a powder if you really want more bling. I find it to be very easy to work with, I put it on with a sponge or my fingers, and it gives me a gorgeous little bit of glow.  It doesn’t feel like anything on the skin, it won’t mess with your foundation and it didn’t emphasize my texture. It is a little bit dark for my super fair skin, and it is a bit glittery, but it is a fun product and it brings me a lot of joy to apply to my face in the morning!



  • smooth texture
  • doesn’t emphasize texture
  • is glowy but still wearable
  • cruelty free!
  • won’t move around your foundation
  • layers well with powder


  • very limited shade range
  • the price is very high

Overall I do think that this highlighter is gorgeous and I like the texture of the formula. I’d say if you don’t like cream highlighter you might not like this even if it is more of powder and cream blended together, because the best way to apply it is like a normal cream highlighter. I hope you guys liked this review!

— Hailey

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