Liebster Award #2!

Hello guys! We’ve recently been nominated for a Liebster Award, which we are so grateful for!

Thank you to MultiBendyBeauty  for nominating us! She has a lovely beauty blog and posts a lot of reviews on new products! Be sure that you go follow her and check out her blog, because it is so lovely.

Leibster award 2

The Rules

  • Acknowledge the person who nominated you and share their blog.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions that you have been asked.
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers whose blogs you like.
  • Ask 11 questions that you would like those bloggers to answer.
  • Let the bloggers you have nominated know that they’ve been nominated.

11 Facts About Us

1. We are seniors in high school! Christine is 18 and Hailey is still 17.

2. Both of us have just gotten into colleges, Christine has just gotten accepted to Elmira College and Hailey has gotten accepted to University of the Pacific!

3. In college Christine plans on studying early childhood education! Hailey plans to study Music Industry and become a concert promoter for artists and bands in Los Angeles!

4. Both of us love music and love playing together! Christine plays violin, piano, guitar and ukulele, and Hailey plays piano, viola and bass guitar.

5. Christine is a Cancer and Hailey is an Aries.

6. Music is a huge part of our lives! Christine’s favorite classical piece is Beethoven’s Spring Sonata and Hailey’s favorite classical piece is Brahms Sextet #2 Mvmt. 4

7. Christine’s favorite song right now is Habana by Camila Cabello and Hailey’s favorite song right now is Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith.

8. Christine’s favorite animal is elephants and Hailey’s favorite animal is tigers!

9. We both love baking and we are going to make pumpkin cookies after we write this!

10. We are both obsessed with anything marble and rose gold.

11.  We both love to write and we started writing a book together our sophomore year of high school, unfortunately we have never finished it!

11 Questions We’ve Been Asked

1. What’s your favourite word and why? (Provide a definition of the word if it’s a weird one).

C: Conundrum

H: Galoshes

2. Have you ever had a nickname? If so then what was it?

C: Teeny like the end of my name!

H: Hails, Merida and Ariel because of my red hair!

3. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

C: Kale salad and goat cheese

H: Lasagna

4. If you had the opportunity to create one lipstick to represent you, what colour would it be and what would you name it?

C: Bright pink, I’d name it Glittertastic

H:Bright red, Merida

5. Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, how often and what colour(s)?

C: Blonde highlights!

H: I’ve also had blonde highlights!

6. What’s your most used emoji?

C: Monkey covering its mouth

H: The laugh-crying face

7. Favourite Disney movie?

C:  UP!

H: The Little Mermaid or Cinderella I can’t decide!

8. If you were on a desert island, and you could only bring one thing what would it be and why?

C: Water… Duh. (Both of us had too much fun with this question)

H: Sunscreen!

9. If a crystal ball could tell you anything about your future, what would you want to know?

C: How many kids I’ll have!

H: Who I marry!

10. Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?



11. What is your biggest pet peeve?

C: People who chew with their mouths open

H: When people jaywalk and wear all black so they are impossible to see

The 11 Bloggers We Nominate!


2. LifeofLucy

3. CosmeticChaos

4. Imperfect Beauty

5. Confessions of a makeupholic

6. DJB Lookbooks

7. BiggBeauty

8. Whatchelseawears

9. Thehonestbeautyreview

10. MakeupbyMissMinny

We tried our best to nominate a lot of smaller blogs so that they can get a lot of recognition!

The 11 Questions We Want You To Answer!

  1. What is your favorite season?
  2. What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own?
  3. What is your go-to lipstick?
  4. What is your favorite hairstyle to do on the run if you are late for something?
  5. Night Owl or Morning person?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. What is your favorite throwback song?
  8. When did you start blogging?
  9. What is your favorite candy/ice cream flavor?
  10. What is your favorite picture that you have on your phone?
  11. What is your hair type? Straight or Curly?

Anyway that is all we have for you guys today! We were also nominated for a sunshine bloggers award so stay tuned for that post and see you guys soon!

— Christine and Hailey


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  1. Thank you so much for nominating me and I most defiantly will participate in the tag but I wanted to mention my blog is called Beauty by Miss Minny.

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