Finish 18 in 2018 Project Pan

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! So, last year I did seasonal project pans but this year I am going to switch it up by trying to finish eighteen products in a year. Lets jump into it:

Face products:

Benefit Dallas Blush – this is not cruelty free but I absolutely love it. I just found a dupe so I want to use this up!

Laura Geller Balance N Bronze Fair – This is a lovely natural bronzer but it is going to go bad so I want to use it up!

Laura Geller Creme Blush – I’ve had this for ages and it looks so natural and gorgeous! I don’t want it to go bad.

It cosmetics cream highlighter – This is going to go bad if I don’t use it so I want to finish it!

Vapour Beauty Highlighter – This is a small sample and I don’t love it as much as my it-cosmetics one so I want to finish it.

Eye Products:

elf eyebrow kit – I’ve already hit pan on this so I just want to finish it!

physicians formula Black eye pencil – This is over a year old which I shouldn’t be using on my eyes and I’d like to just finish it.

physicians formula eyeliner pen – This is good but it isn’t my favorite and its old so I want to finish it.

becca eyeliner cream – I hardly use gel liner but I don’t want this to go to waste because it was a gift, so i’ll use it up.

Urban Decay perversion mascara – I just don’t want this to go bad!

Stila Stay All day liner – I love this but it is getting old for an eyeliner so I want to use it up.

Lip Products:

Tarte lipstick – I have had this for a long time and I don’t want it to go bad!

Becca Lip Gloss in the shade Rasberry opal – This isn’t my favorite gloss but I can’t bring myself to declutter it so I’ll just try to finish it!

laura geller lipstick in Dolce- This is ridiculously old so I need to finish it!

Laura geller gloss – This is discontinued which means I need to finish it and find a dupe.

Lord and berry Lipliner in the shade Vintage Rose – I have had this for years and I just need to finish it and use it more often!

Butter London Plush Rush Lipgloss in Free fall (mini) – I want to finish up this mini gloss so I can buy the full size!

Butter London Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in the shade Teddy Boy – This is a beautiful lip pencil that I think I will be able to finish so i threw it in!

That is all the makeup I want to pan in 2018! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and feel free to join me in this project!

— Hailey


23 thoughts on “Finish 18 in 2018 Project Pan”

    1. Yeah I’ve noticed that as well! I think it’s because so many of us have large stashes that are starting to go bad after buying a lot of things we’ve seen on YouTube and Insta. Either way I think it’s a good movement!

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  1. Excellent undertaking for sure. I think we should all set ourselves up to do this exercise for so many reasons. Plus, thanks for the reminder that I should try to use up my Lord and Berry lipliner as well. As always, a very cool post!

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  2. That is ALOT of lip products, I didn’t really add any into mine in fear that i would get bored of using the same color(s) so i just added a pink lipliner to mine. But it being a project for the whole year, you’ll finish them all no doubt! ๐Ÿ™‚ best of luck with your project finish 18 in 2018.

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    1. Yeah I know I added quite a few, I am one of those people who always has to have something on their lips, so lip products are my easiest thing to pan! Good luck using up that lipliner, i’m sure you will be able to! Thanks so much!

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