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Makeup Declutter for the new Year!

Hello guys! I got a lot of new makeup to play with for Christmas, which I’m so grateful for, but I really needed to get some of the older products out of my collection to make room for the new. You guys seem to love these posts, I’m so glad you do because I love making them.

Here is what I’m getting rid of!

Lip products:

Laura Geller Lipstick in Vista – This just is an average nude and it wasn’t exciting me so I let it go.

NYX simply Vamp Lip Crayons – This winter I wore more brown or red based dark lipsticks, not purple, so unfortunately these have to go.

Laura Geller Lip Pops Lip Gloss – Dark colored lip gloss is just stressful because it will get everywhere, so I’m letting this go.

NYX butter gloss in creme brulee – I assure you, I love this formula!! This shade was a bit too light pink for my taste. I picked up two better shades for me recently and I enjoy those more!

Other Makeup:

Tarte Play with Clay Quad, Naked 2 basics palette – Lowkey nervous about parting with these palettes, but I have so many duplicate shades, and I don’t need these.

Butter London Cream blush – Cream blush scares me and I hardly ever use it, I just never use this.

W3ll People single shadow – I have dupes for this!

Eye pencils – These aren’t my favorite colors (dark green and a charcoal shade) so I got rid of them because I prefer black.

Butter London Double Decker Lashes Mascara – This had such a weird consistency, although I claim user error here because I have had this open for almost a year and have hardly used it, it needs to go.
Skincare/ Miscellaneous Samples:

Luxe Sheet Masks – I never use sheet masks, so I’m letting these go.

Klorane shampoo – I have a duplicate of this, and I don’t need two.

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli – I didn’t like the scent of this at all!

Little Foil packets – my sample drawer is overwhelming and I wasn’t going to get to these.

Caudalie Body Lotion – This brand isn’t cruelty free, so I’m letting this go. I’ve never used it!

Anyways you guys that was my last destash of 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know how your holiday season went down below, I love hearing from you guys!

— Hailey

17 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter for the new Year!”

  1. I’m awful at getting rid of makeup! I think I have hoarding tendencies… But ever so often I get into the moods where I can’t stand having all this makeup I will never use and I go through a massive decluttering session. Then I go buy more makeup….🤔

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