E.l.f highlighter and Concealer duo


Hello lovelies! To make up for my absence I shall post every day!

Today’s review will be on E.l.f’s concealer and highlighter duo in the shade ivory.

I’m not a huge fan of E.l.f’s concealers, but this being a duo I wanted to give it a try.

Do it for the blog am I right?!

The first thing I noticed about the concealer part is that when you pull it out, very little product comes out. I went through the whole bottle of concealer in a week.

The highlighter I personally didn’t like simply because I don’t really like liquid highlighters. When applying it didn’t spread very well, making it obvious where I applied the line.

Overall I didn’t like this product very much.

Let me know what you think of this duo!

What is your favorite ELF product?



12 thoughts on “E.l.f highlighter and Concealer duo”

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this but wasn’t too sure how the white concealer would work… I am extremely pale and finding a concealer light enough to produce a highlighting effect is impossible. I know Kat Von D has a white concealer but it’s a bit too pricey for me for now. Did the white cause a highlighting effect at all?


  2. I’ve never tried elf products and now it will be less likely I’ll give it a chance. Thank you for the review!


      1. I definitely have had quite a few misses with some newer products. I used to LOVE one of their mascaras, but they’ve changed their formulas and they’re not good anymore, but I still love their Flawless Finish foundation and highlighters! The skin care products are pretty good, also. Thank you for reading and for your comment!


  3. I didn’t like this product either! I do however love their acne fighting liquid foundation. It’s really nice coverage that doesn’t feel oily and I have noticed I don’t break out quite as much. Xoxo, Linds


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