Favorite Red Lipsticks for the Holidays!

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I’m just starting to get in the mood for the holidays and I wanted to share my favorite red lipsticks with you guys! I hope you aren’t too bored of lipstick posts, I just realized the last five posts have been about lipsticks, let me know if you guys get bored!

Physicans Formula Velvet Lipstick in the shade Fight Free Redicals –

This is a gorgeous super bright red! I absolutely love this shade, it is so bright and fun and perfect for holiday parties. This is not drying on your lips at all but still will be matte. If that is what you like, then I definitely recommend this lipstick! Review: here if you want lip swatches or more information on the formula.

Too Faced Melted Matte liquified longwear lipstick in the shade Lady Balls

This is my favorite universal red. In fact, I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my last post like this during the holiday season for 2016. It would look gorgeous on more medium deeper skin tones. This formula is a lot more longwearing and very very matte. It is not transferproof but it will last you through a party!

Ellen Tracy Red Lipstick –

These are some of my favorite lipsticks, you can find Ellen Tracy at marshalls or TJ maxx, look for any red shades like this one and you will find a lovely one. Unfortunately this came in a set and I can’t find the shade name! Overall, I really recommend the formula, so if you guys see her lipsticks when you are out shopping, pick some up, their gorgeous and super cheap! It’s a very moisturizing formula but still pretty long wearing!


Those top two are supposed to be fully matte, I forgot to let the swatches dry all the way before taking the picture!


Anyways, I hope you guys liked this post! Tell me what your favorite red lipstick is in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys and I would love to try some new ones for the christmas season!

— Hailey

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