Physician’s Formula Velvet Lipsticks Review

Hello guys! The past couple weeks I have been using these physicians formula velvet lipsticks, if you want to see my final thoughts then keep on reading!


  • cruelty free!
  • price: $7.00
  • Will go on glossy and dry matte, it is a liquid lipstick

*I couldn’t find the products claims because apparently these liquid lipsticks aren’t released everywhere yet!*

These are so pigmented! One swipe is all you’ll need, you will have no patchiness and the wand made it really easy to apply evenly.

The formula is also ridiculously lightweight and doesn’t dry your lips out at all. I found an ingredients list and these are infused with avocado oil and vitamin E. They definitely are nourishing and are very comfy to wear all day. You might even forget you are wearing this lipstick!

This also seems to blur out my lip lines. Most liquid lipsticks I’ve tried will emphasize lip lines to some degree, but these seemed to blur my lip lines away and my lips looked so smooth! These also didn’t crack even after a few hours of wear.

In terms of wear time, this is my only issue. This won’t last through a meal, but reapplying is easy, and this formula layers well. Though it will last you a while without having to touch up. It also was not fully transferproof so be careful!



  • great color pay off, never patchy
  • doesn’t show your lip lines
  • SUCH a lightweight formula
  • doesn’t dry your lips out
  • Cruelty free!


  • not fully transferproof
  • You will have to reapply after eating

I hope you guys liked this review! I only had a couple small issues and overall really loved these and I would recommend! Thank you guys for reading!

— Hailey

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