Top 3 Cream/Liquid Highlighters 

Hi guys! I love doing these Top 3 sorts of posts and you guys seem to like them too so I wanted to do one on cream highlighting. For me, because my skin is more dry I find that cream/liquid highlights don’t emphasize texture and go on more naturally than powder so I love them and I wanted to share my favorites!

1. It Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Luminizer Stick

This gives such a subtle and lovely glow from within that I absolutely adore. Whenever I want a subtler highlight I always use this because it is so blendable and catches the light slightly. It will not move around your foundation and is not glittery at all so if you do have more mature skin I think you might really like this. If you are oily though I would pass on this, it might make you look greasy!

2. Benefit High Beam Highlighter

I think this is so worth the hype. It is on the more subtle side or you can build it up. It layers really nicely over itself and over foundation and powder so I really do like this product. It looks so natural and radiant on the face. If I was doing bridal makeup on anyone I would probably use this!

3. Butter London On The Glow Pen in Rose Gold

These are possibly the coolest little things! Their compact, fitting into the palm of your hand. You pull out the little brush and swipe it on your cheeks which I love for touch ups. These are so blinding and a little on the glittery side but its manageable and doesn’t look trashy. These are my favorite for nose highlighting because it is so easy to draw a thin line down the bridge and blend it out with the little sponge applicator.

Those are my favorite cream highlighters! I love these all year round but especially in summer, let me know what some of your favorites are or whether you prefer cream or powder in the comments below!

— Hailey



22 thoughts on “Top 3 Cream/Liquid Highlighters ”

  1. I’ve been dying to try the Benefit high beam, have heard so many wonderful things about it! Also Barry M does some wonderful highlighter drops, they’re so beautiful and so easy to blend with fingers, you might enjoy them xx

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  2. I only own one highlighter and it’s from MAC I got it in the shade soft and gentle. It’s really lovely and subtle with maybe a hint of shine.

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  3. I love liquid highlighters! That rose gold one is so pretty💜 Powder highlighters tend to fallout and spread all over face.🙂🙂


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