Essence mascara review

Hello my lovelies!

Happy October! Goodness I can’t believe how fast this month is whizzing by! It’s amazing!

I’ve decided to give a review today in a product that I’ve changed my mind about.

Earlier in September I had went to Ulta for some retail therapy and came across this essence I ❤️ extreme mascara.

Now naturally my eyelashes are already pretty extreme, but this looked like a fun product to try out, so I bought it.

When I got home to try it on I was actually disappointed.  When you hear the word extreme I thought I would be wowed by how the product applied, but when I applied the mascara it seemed like I was just applying nothing. As if no mascara had come out.

So it fell to the bottomless pit of my makeup bag never to be used again


I got glasses!

Living in a state that rains a lot, I gave up on glasses way last year, it wasn’t until the summer where I realized I really needed glasses again.

Now as any girl who wears glasses and mascara knows, the mascara tends to get on your glasses, adding to the list of pain in the butt things you need to clean from them.

But this mascara was so light that when wearing glasses with, they didn’t show up any time I blinked!

So now it’s in my everyday makeup routine!
Let me know down in the comments any glasses problems you’ve run into with makeup!

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