Fall 2017 Ipsys!

Hello my lovelies!

So I’ve been a little forgetful when it comes to the ipsy bags, I am very sorry!

I completely forgot to do a September post of the September bag, so I decided to combine September and October’s bags into one big  fall ipsy bag review.

For September the first item I pulled out was…

Smash box photo finish primer in the shade of radiance


Now as much as this is a good product, I find I just don’t use it as much. Not that it’s bad, I just don’t really use it, this primer didn’t WOW me enough for me to use it daily.

Pacifica blush

Now I love the brand Pacifica, all their products are amazing! So I was so exited when I opened this one up, the two blushed are an amazing shade and apply as if you were naturally blushing, by far my favorite ipsy item so far!

Blue nail polish 

Okay so I completely forgot to take a picture of this nail polish, and now I can’t find it anywhere in my house! Forgetful much? I know!

I do love nail polish, but this shade of blue was very ugly in my opinion, it didn’t go well with my skin tone and I over all didn’t like it.

Birch juice hydro sleeping mask

As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of face masks! So when I got this I was very exited to see how it worked, naturally that night I tried it on and LOVED it!! Sometimes I feel that after my night time shower my skin gets super dry, especially my face. After applying this one my face felt so hydrated and fresh. It’s amazing!

Teeez eve’s ready to wear lipstick

I love red lipsticks, love love love them! Unfortunately I did not love this lipstick, the application was sloppy and left the divits of my lips bare. It kinda looked like a used a crayons crayon as lipstick and I didn’t like that at all!
Now on to Octobers bag!

Nail medic, charcoal infused nail polish 

This nail polish I absolutely love!

The color is so cute! My only con is it’s very thin, so you need to apply several coats before getting a finished look.

Brazilian bum bum cream 

Do not be fooled by the name of the cream, it is not for your bum bum!

I love this lotion it is thick and leaves your hands hydrated throughout the day! Not to mention it smells AMAZING!
Luna lip crayon

This lipstick is in the shade of Elara, and is very similar to the pink ELF crayon I reviewed earlier this summer, I love how hyrated it keeps my lips!
Urban Decay 24/7 guides on eye pencil.

I’ll be honest with you, I was a bit nervous about this product. Every cream eyeliner I have gotten I have accidently broken the tip of while applying. So I was nervous to try this one out!

Luckily nothing broke! And the application is beautiful, it’s not dramatic at all which I like. Perfect for every day use!

DLS Eyeshadow bronzed

Lastly I got this in my bag, the eyeshadow is very pigmented which is good, unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the shade. I’m trying to find a good home for it!
That’s it for today!

Let me know down in the comments if you have that problem with cream eyeliners too!


3 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Ipsys!”

  1. Great bags! I love the packaging of Teeez products! I use the Bum Bum cream on my bum bum! lol butt and thighs! It’s awesome at firming and too expensive to use everywhere else haha.


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