Maybelline velvet foundation vs L’oreal 24hr foundation

Happy August my lovelies!!!
Let’s face it girls, every foundation is different, and some we just favor more.

Let’s have a battle of the foundations!

Our first contestant is Maybelline New York’s dream velvet soft-matte hydrating foundation in the shade Nude 40 !

This lovely little tube comes out easily. It’s spreads smoothly and gives a perfect matte look.

And who doesn’t love that matte look?!

Next up is L’oreal Paris 24hr infallible total cover foundation 305 in the shade natural beige 

This little puppy gives a very finished look. It covers up those nasty blemishes and last throughout the day. Although it’s hard to push out and will empty quickly. The look of gives us very good.
Who will win?

You decide!

-Christine –

9 thoughts on “Maybelline velvet foundation vs L’oreal 24hr foundation”

  1. Everything I’ve tried get stuck in the fine lines and seems to shine a huge spot light screening ” look at me
    Age!” Botox ! No fine lines and I’m now hunting the perfect foundation. Everyone swears by the airbrush or foam Types. I’ll be blogging for sure. If you find any that you love let me know 🤗


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