Going Cruelty-Free – Skincare, Haircare, Perfume + Misc

Hello guys! I have almost made my makeup collection cruelty free and I started picking out which other products I need to use up. I am happy to report that my nail polish is 100% cruelty free, but my skincare and haircare are not there yet! Today I’m going to show you what I have left to use up and it actually isn’t very much which is exciting for me!


Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup remover – This is a deluxe sample and it is almost gone. I have another from Florane (cruelty free) to try next.

Elizabeth Arden Let There Be Light – I found a dupe from ELF that I will buy instead once I finish it, it’s about 3/4 gone!


Hair One Hair Conditioner – This is HG of mine and also a gray area. I couldn’t find evidence that it is cruelty free and I also could not find evidence that it isn’t. Until I’m sure I am going to count it as not cruelty free!


Jo Malone  –  Because Jo Malone is so expensive, I never bought a full size, I only have samples which will be easy to use up! (8 sample tubes and one mini deluxe size sample). Then Pacifica scents are something I will try out.


Softsoap Shea and Almond Oil Body wash – This is something that I bought by accident because I thought it was cruelty free! It is almost gone and then I will buy something else (from Pacifica probably)

Crest 3D White Toothpaste – This is about 3/4 gone, and then I’ll buy something from Toms of Maine.

Only 14 products in total and all of them are mostly used up and half are samples!

I hope that I can be cruelty free by 2018 for skincare and everything else but makeup (that will take a lot longer). It is still something I want to do and I’m honestly shocked at how easy it has been to buy cruelty free!

— Hailey 💄


20 thoughts on “Going Cruelty-Free – Skincare, Haircare, Perfume + Misc”

  1. I recently started trying to turn my collection into cruelty free, think it’s going to take some time though, using up everything I already own and buying alternates. It’s nice to have started though 😊

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  2. Ive always wanted to try jo malone! Will definitely look into it now considering it’s cruelty free xx
    Please check out my blog |

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  3. When I made my collection cruelty free I totally forgot about the skincare side of things, till just recently! I haven’t even though of the other things, this has made me thing of it though! Thanks for the help!xo

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    1. Honestly it’s one of my absolute faves as a leave in. It is incredibly hydrating so I would say that I’d stay away from it if your hair tends to get stringy or weighed down easily. It works amazing for my curls though!

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