One Month – One Palette Finale

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog! So this whole past month of July, I have been only using one palette: The Bobbi Brown Beauty Book Palette. It has six eyeshadows and a blush and bronzer so I had plenty to use.


I am happy to say that I actually used this almost everyday for the whole month and I really did enjoy it. The eyeshadows were not bad, the only duds for me were the matte brown transition shade which lacked pigment/was chalky and the silver shade which had a lot of fallout.

My absolute favorite shade was the champagne-pink shimmer (shade name: Blush Gold)! It is stunning and the formula is amazing on that one. I have to find a cruelty free dupe because I need that shade in my collection.

I used the white shade to set my foundation and concealer and it worked fantastically which was actually quite neat to discover!

Before and After Eyeshadow:


The face products are absolutely stunning though! No complaints at all. The blush is beautiful on my fair skin and makes me look so healthy. The bronzer was beautiful and I enjoyed using it, I have made a significant dip in it and I want to expand that and hit pan on my first bronzer ever!

Before and After Face Products:


I’m happy that all of the products in this now look used and that I have given this palette the love that it deserves. Because I do enjoy using it I think I am going to start panning it. Would you guys like monthly updates? Let me know in the comments down below!

— Hailey

8 thoughts on “One Month – One Palette Finale”

  1. I just came across your blog and I really like it! I definitely will be following to see more content for the future:) You seem to be quite successful with your blog having 1,167 followers! I was wondering if you could tell me how to get my blog out there to get more readers and followers! I love writing but I am not motivated to post if no one is going to read anything I write. I would love to have a more professional blog and grow into a more popular blog where people can’t wait for the next post. I hope you can help!:)

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    1. Sorry I just saw your comment now!! I’m so glad you enjoy our blog, it’s so fun to have people reading. Of course I will try to help! I am no expert by any means but I can certainly help you out I hope. I have written a couple of posts on it about what I do to stay inspired and how to take nice pictures and find readers and gain followers. Their under the blogging category and I really think they might help you if you read them! I know you can get to a place where you have a lovely and successful blog, if we did it anyone can! My main tip would be to stick with it, this blog just turned a year old and anything can happen! I’d love to help you out further if you have any questions please ask!


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