SheIn review

Last month I was on Pinterest when I saw this post about a super awesome clothing store called SheIn.

Now automatically i knew it was a cheap Chinese clothing store..but I started scrolling and well…I bought a few items.

I didn’t regret buying them because I thought, what better experience to put on the blog!

Last time I ordered from one of these websites it took 5 months to ship, so that’s what I expected with this site.

I am happy to say that for SheIn this wasn’t the case! I got the package in the mail a week after ordering it,which left me happily surprised.

The first thing I ordered was a pink crown fold wallet for $10.00

I love anything with a crown because I strongly believe I am a princess πŸ‘‘

When it came in the mail i had a mini heart attack when I opened it.on the wallet it had this tan protective cloth on it, but it looked like it was part of the wallet, but luckily it wasnt! This wallet is totally cute, and is 100% like the picture on their website. I adore this wallet!
Next was the Cactus print zipper makeup bag for $5.00

This was also super cute, and the Cactus print is so in right now. Now I got this bag for the purpose of being a pencil bag for school in September and it will still be used as such. Before it came in i was a bit scared it would be too small, but when it came in i was pleased to see it was the perfect size for a pencil bag! The only thing I didn’t like about this is that when you opened it up, it smelt like dead fish,so I had to sit it out for a few days.

The 1pc color shape random puff (beauty blender) for $3.00 was what I ordered next.

I found it kinda funny how it was picked randomly, so you didn’t know much random puff you were getting. But I also liked the surprise. The puff i got in the mail was exactly like shown online, and it works perfectly!

Now on to the clothes!

The first shirt I got was the drop shoulder flutter sleeve striped top for $11.00 in the size medium

When shopping online i always order i medium just to be on the safe side. I liked the shirt, the material was a pretty decent quality. The shirt was just like how it was shown online as well. The only thing I didn’t like was how it was kinda short on me.I personally like shirts to be a bit on the long side, but I do like it and see myself wearing it a lot.
The scallop edge leaser cut top For $8.00 in The Size Medium Was Next.

I Ordered This In The Color White. I Liked How This Looks. Its Just Like shown Online. The Shirt is More Like A Crop Top. Which Is Fine, just, Like I Said. I Like shirts On The Long side. Ill Still Wear It With High Wasted Bottoms.
Last i Ordered The Scallop Edge Laser Cut Shell Top.Β For $9.00 In The Size Mediumm

Although it’s just as shown online, I hate how it fits on me. The material is cheap, And the trim on the bottom feels like it will rip.
Overall I think this site is pretty legit, And I had an overall positive experience.

My Total Was $47.99


12 thoughts on “SheIn review”

  1. Such courage! I’m always skeptical of buying from those type of online stores. I’ve heard so many stories that it’s definitely scared me away from buying, but still catch myself looking through those websites sometimes. xD hehe. I’m glad that it didn’t take 5 months to ship like last time. Looking forward to your future shopping hauls!


  2. I love the blue top! It is so cute! Overall I think you had a good haul and I like everything. πŸ™‚ It’s nice that things came in fast. 5 months is just ridiculous.


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