High-end Products That Aren’t Working For Me

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog, I have 3 high end products to share with you that just really are not working out. I dislike them but I spent so much money on them I can’t bring myself to give them away.

First up we have the Tarte Tarteist Contour palette

I tried a lot to make this work for me, but the two contour shades are too warm for my very cool toned complexion and the blush is too dark for me. The lighter contour shade which i could make work has no pigment in it. The white shade in the middle has glitter in it all over and has no pigmentation which I dislike. The shades don’t feel buttery in my opinion and seem harder pressed which I don’t personally like, but maybe someone else would. Overall I don’t think this is worth the youtube hype. I have a $3 contour kit that beats this and this costs $45.

Next is the Jane Iredale In Touch Highlighter in Comfort

This is just a weird one! Its marketed as a highlighter but looks like a blush from the shades they sell I guess it is both, like a super glittery blush. This has so much glitter in it that I never use it. It looks so pink in the container but if you put it on your cheeks it is straight gold glitter with a tiny bit of pink tint. I think I kept this around because it looked so pretty but it’s so glittery, do not recommend.

Last and finally which I am so sad about is the Smashbox Shape matters eyeshadow palette.

These shades are not buttery and smooth, their quite crispy to the touch and blend to nothing on the eyes. If you saw my review (here) you’ll know how sad I was about the pigmentation, there is hardly any. This was half price at Ulta and I have a feeling that it was because it really isn’t good quality. I dug past the first layer of shadow in hopes it would be different but it is still not good! Their covershot palettes are supposed to be good so if you want to try Smashbox eyeshadow I would recommend those over this.

Those are the three high end products that I really have not been loving lately! I hope this helps some of you save your money, but remember that this is my opinion and some of this stuff might work for you (especially the contour kit if you are tanner and more warm toned than I am)!

— Hailey 💄


20 thoughts on “High-end Products That Aren’t Working For Me”

  1. I think that they doesn’t work for anyone. They are just fails in beauty world. I saw that tarte palette and your swatches ant where is pigmentation? Nowhere. I just love these kind of posts. I enjoy reading a good post and truth :). Love it

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    1. Yeah it is not pigmented at all and so scratchy I was really disappointed. Thank you for letting me know you love them! If there is anything else that I did not like I will do another. Thank you for reading 🙂

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  2. There are many high end products which don’t meet the expectations. And its a myth that budget products are not so good in quality. I think we can encounter both good and bad things in budget brands as well as high end brands. Thanks for sharing☺☺

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  3. I swatched that contour palette from Tarte and wasn’t super impressed as it just didn’t work for my skin tone either; however, on a whim I purchased the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Contour & Highlight Palette and I LOVE it! I’ve talked about it a lot on my blog but the contour shade is perfect for fair skin. It’s pigmented, has a cool undertone and is incredibly easy to blend out! And the highlighter looks beautiful on the skin despite looking a little too golden in the pan. I find that it works nicely on its own or layered on top of another highlighter! And I’m with you, the smashbox palette just didn’t work for me. 😕 great post!! Xoxo

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    1. Agreed! I should have done more research on it before just putting it on my wishlist. Thank you for telling me about that product! I have to try that out! Do you have a review of it that I could read? I would love to learn more!

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