Tarteist Lip Paint Review and Swatches! 

Hello guys! Welcome back to our blog! I have so many things I want to review and share my thoughts on so here is yet another review. Today we will be focusing on the Tartiest lip paints which are hyped up like crazy, and whether their actually worth the money:

Promise: Quick dry, full coverage, transfer-proof liquid lipstick


  • cruelty free!
  • 28 shades available
  • liquid lipstick matte formula and finish
  • Price: $20 which is reasonable

The texture of this whipped and super light and airy. I forgot I was wearing this multiple times. It is full coverage and super pigmented with one swipe. It comes out of the tube matte so you don’t have to wait for it to dry down to get a matte look which I really like. This was transfer proof for me, it didn’t come off on my water bottle until late in the day and lasted through super greasy pizza. It also lasted through most of the day, but it was not crazy long wear. It doesn’t fade too evenly in my opinion, the middle comes off first but that is pretty typical. If you don’t like more whipped liquid lipsticks you will not like this!

swatch: my shade was TBT


  • long lasting
  • light on the lips
  • non-drying
  • you’ll forget that you have it on it is so comfy
  • beautiful/sleek packaging and weak mint chocolate chip scent
  • super pigmented
  • good coverage
  • transfer proof
  • buildable in case you want to reapply


  • It didn’t last as long as I would expect

I actually am in love with this liquid lipstick. It has to be one of my favorites. It is just so light and airy with such good pigment, I’m not sure how it is possible to formulate it like that. This is one hundred percent worth the hype in my opinion!

— Hailey

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