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Massive Beauty Declutter!

Hi guys! Lately I have bought some new products and its time for me to get rid of the old stuff that I no longer am using.  I’ve cleaned out my makeup and also my skincare and samples for this declutter so I’m going to show you what I’m getting rid of.

I also know that Christine has been beauty purging as well so maybe you’ll see a post like this from her soon!


I never color correct except for canceling redness so I’m getting rid of the bulky palette and I’ll purchase green concealer separately. That becca quad is not good quality in my opinion but christine wanted to try it so I’ll give it to her. The mascara is expired so it is going away! I never reach for coral so the milani gloss got no use from me. I also never reach for single shadows so I duped all of those seven shades in palettes. they are so amazing though, if you like single shadows I highly recommend these!


I didn’t use the nude polishes from Deborah Lippman or the barielle. The butter london one was so cool toned it looked awful on me, and the pink zoya polish is just not me anymore. I also never do nail art so I don’t need the stickers, and I hate nail files I am keeping only one.


I don’t want to love something that isn’t cruelty free so I’m getting rid of most of these for that reason!


This body lotion is so slippery and a wet formula which I don’t like much so passing it on!


This hotel sample I am never going to use, I also never need dry shampoo or hairspray so these are all unnecessary to keep.

Beauty Tools:

I never use those sorts of hair ties, or clips. I find the face scrubber unhygenic so I am going to get rid of it. The revlon tweezers were nice but I have nicer new ones!

Makeup Bags:

I will never use this huge one, and i also never put my brushes in a case, I’m way too lazy for that so I’ll pass these on.


I hardly ever wear earrings so I’ve decided to get rid of these three. Their beautiful but I don’t wear them and I feel bad for them just sitting there in my jewelry box!

total: 44 items decluttered!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you enjoy these sorts of posts because I love a good clear out, and these are super fun for me to make. See you soon!

— Hailey


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