Strawberry Pucker Up Lip Mask Review 

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog! So I’ve never done a lip mask and I just bought these and you all wanted a review on them! I tried one out a couple nights ago because I’d been wearing liquid lipstick all day and my lips needed some help. Here is what they did for me….


Price: super cheap! ($5 for 5 masks)


Exfoliates and smooths lips with strawberry extracts

I actually loved this! It left my lips so smooth and soft, and any bit of dead skin was completely gone afterward. The mask also left my lips plumper for a few hours, so I would definitely do this again before an event or before prom or something like that where I could use a little extra fullness to my lips. The mask was easy to apply, fit well, stayed on and did not cause any irritation for me. The serum that was left was slightly sticky on my skin, but that was possibly the only downfall. I would recommend these to you guys if you want to have really beautiful, smooth and full lips for an event or something like that, for the daily though, I don’t think they are a necessity. They might be nice to have around though especially in the really cold winter months! After the mask lipstick goes on super smoothly as well.

Size Comparison:

This is my small Lorac Pro palette for a size comparison, I basically chose it because it was black and would contrast my white background.

*The mask does not come with a hole in the center, but I cut one in mine because it was weird to keep my mouth fully shut while wearing this for twenty minutes!*
Before and after:


  • Leaves your lips feeling smooth
  • Leaves your lips soft
  • Exfoliates and lives up to its claims
  • super hydrating!
  • Slight natural plumping effect (I enjoyed it!)


  • The serum will get outside your lip lines and does leave your skin sticky

Overall that was my experience with my first lip mask! I really do like these, I probably won’t make it a weekly thing but maybe like a monthly thing to do a lip mask. I really liked this one and I’d recommend it to you. At marshalls these are so incredibly cheap, so you guys have nothing to lost by trying it!

— Hailey 💄




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