Sun in Review


Happy July everyone!

I have decided to do a review on a product i started using almost a week ago.  I originally saw this in my local drug store, but wasnt sure about it at the time. A few days later i ordered it off amazon for $5.99. From what i remember, the price at the drug store was the same.


Once it came in i tried it right away. The bottle says to use with damp hair.


After your hair is dampened, you can either st in the sun for 2+ hours, or blow dry it on the highest heat setting.


i did it with my blow dryer.

Now Sun In will not turn you from a brunette to a blonde in one go, you need to use it everyday until you get your desired shade.

I tried for 5 days and here is what i got!:

Day 1 before:











It doesnt lok like it got much lighter, the camera doesnt do it justice, but trust me when i say it is much MUCH brighter.

After using this, my bottle is half empty!





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