Summer Project Pan!

Hi everyone and welcome back to our blog! I am loving project panning so I am definitely going to be doing another one for sure. I picked 10 products this time, but only six are makeup (mostly newish too) so I think I should be able to get through most of the products (certainly will get through the skincare ones).


Juice beauty face mask – This has been open for almost two years and I don’t want it to go bad, I love it so I want to finish it.

Neuotrogena purifying cream cleanser – I absolutely love this but it has been open for a long time and I also have a cruelty free face wash that I am in love with so I want to use this up!

Tarte maracuja oil – this expires in September and is nowhere near done! I love it so I want to finish it and repurchase.

Blackberry cream EOS –  EOS isn’t cruelty free, and this is my last one so I would love to finish it so I can have only cruelty free lip balms.


Loreal lumi – I didn’t finish this in spring! I swear this is never ending to be honest.

Bobbi Brown beauty book palette – bronzing powder in medium. Not cruelty free and I want to start panning this palette since I could never give it away, it’s gorgeous.

Lancôme color design lipstick in the new pink – Lancome is not cruelty free but this lipstick is beautiful. I want to finish it but it’s so pretty I need to find a dupe!

Maybelline lash sensational mascara – I love this but it isn’t cruelty free and I want to finish it off!

Bobbi Brown no smudge mascara – also not cruelty free, but these two completely compliment each other for the top lashes!

Bobbi brown smokey eye mascara – my fave for the lower lashes. These three mascaras all work together every day and I’m so excited to finish them!

Those are my summer products! Tell me what you are trying to finish up in the comments down below! I am excited to keep panning things in my collection and I will do an empties post soon on what I have finished from February 2017 to July 2017.

— Hailey 💄


24 thoughts on “Summer Project Pan!”

        1. That’s a good idea! I have wanted to many different high end things, but didn’t want to spend the money! Why did I never think of samples?! xo

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  1. I’ve been considering trying the L’Oréal Lumi products but I’m worried cuz glowy products make my skin look greasy sometimes. Great post!
    Check out my post on the EL foundation, I’d really appreciate it.
    Uhreej ⚡️ |

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