Coming Together to Make A Difference for NARS Cosmetics!

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. I know we’ve been posting a lot but this post is pretty time sensitive! If you were looking for a makeup post, one will be up Thursday like normal so don’t worry!

I am sure most of you know by now that NARS is no longer considered a cruelty free brand. If you have been anywhere on social media beauty bloggers everywhere (including me) are freaking out about it. They’ve made the decision to sell in China which includes mandatory animal testing, which is really sad!

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But there is an upside, NARS has not entered the Chinese market yet (plan to sometime in 2017), which means we still have some time to convince them not to. And I get it, sometimes these big companies seem so untouchable. And they probably wouldn’t listen  if it was two or three people asking them to remain cruelty free. But if theres two or three thousand of us asking then maybe it would be a different story.

At first I felt so powerless and then I realized that I can actually do something, I have all of you guys! And all of you run blogs and can do something too! We can make such a huge difference together.

I’m not a petition gal, but I found this one online from I have already signed it of course, and I wanted to share it with you guys. NARS cosmetics are the epitome of luxury and I don’t own any of their products but I have always lusted after their products hoping someday to be able to afford them, so I am so sad and I’m sure some of you guys are as well.

This petition has been up for like a day and already has so much support. I hope you guys consider signing this petition as well, it’s entirely free, you can donate money if you wish, (I didn’t, just signed), you don’t need an account and they will email you, but you can unsubscribe so it has no downside.

I hope you guys consider signing, and if you don’t want to that’s fine! Pass this info along to someone who might! Here is the link if you want to copy paste it:


25 thoughts on “Coming Together to Make A Difference for NARS Cosmetics!”

    1. Yeah, they always used to brag about being cruelty free when it came up and now they are not at all. I hope so too! Urban decay was going to do the same thing in 2012 and at 7000 petition signatures they decided not to, I hope NARS cam be stopped!

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      1. Really!!! i am so no in the know with what companies are up too, thanfully my friends here can inform me…wel then it not a long shot guy, perhaps you really are going to put a dent in the works and get a ball rolling for Nars to reconsider…and i hope they do, because the beauty world has changed so much with reagard to values and animinal testing.

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        1. Yes i do love! its weird because last week the brand rep was in and i asked her if she was cruelty free and she had to think about it before she responded and this is why. im thinking about starting a petition for sephora collection because not all of the items are cruelty free because some items are in china

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  1. Reblogged this on Iris Beauty Spot and commented:
    This is so important! Together we can make a difference and show NARS that we do not support cruelty to animals!

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  2. I am definitely signing, and will also share this on my blog! I hope we can help NARS realize that their consumers actually care about their values, not just their products!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I hope so! At 7,000 petition signatures urban decay decided not to expand into China (in 2012 when they were going to) so maybe if nars gets that many signatures they will rethink expanding into China!

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  3. I’m definitely signing this! I am so aggravated that it is 2017 and companies are going BACK in time with all of our progress against animal cruelty! I do not buy from brands that test on animals so if this petition doesn’t work, unfortunately they will be losing a lot of business – from me and every other person that doesn’t buy from brands that aren’t cruelty free!

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    1. I’m so glad you are! Same here! I’ve been so happily surprised by the backlash their getting for this move, it’s annoying their doing this and I hope they lose business and pull out of China quick. It’s so amazing that so many of us are now cruelty free or trying to get there! Thank you for signing!!

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  4. Beautiful cause! I know this is exciting for Nars since their breaking into a market of all new consumers, but they have to realize it’s pretty scary for those of us who supported them not only because of their products, but also because of what we Thought they stood for. I hope they take notice

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! Yeah and from a corporate perspective I understand the desire to sell in China’s huge cosmetic market, but I completely agree that some of us really loved that they stood for cruelty free. I’m sure they will! Everyone has been blowing up their social media!

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