Is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette worth the hype?

Hello guys! I’m sure most of you already own this but I have been playing around with it and I really want to let you all know if it is worth the money in my opinion! I picked this up a week ago and so I’ve tried most of the shades and I am in love with it so far.


  • Fourteen shades
  • Three shimmer, eleven matte
  • Cruelty Free!
  • Price:  $42

Promise: (from their website) Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula.

I am loving this palette to be honest. It is most definitely worth the hype that it received but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. It is so pigmented and the shades are super buttery. These blend so easily, I created a coppery red eye look in under two minutes. There is no sitting around blending out your crease for five minutes with this palette which I like because I get ready in twenty minutes every morning for school. The shimmer formula is soo smooth except for the shade Vermeer which is slightly chunkier than the two others but overall their beautiful. The pigmentation is insane. Because the palette is so beautiful as a whole, the small things that are subpa stand out. The shimmer shade Vermeer is slightly chunky but still goes on the eyes well and the shade Love Letter is chalkier than the rest and less pigmented but is better than the shades in some palettes i’ve tried.


Bottom row –

Top row –


  • Smooth buttery shades
  • the shimmer shades especially Primavera are stunning
  • cruelty free
  • blendability is so perfect
  • you can create so many eye looks with this palette
  • Love the shade selection
  • The matte shades are
  • all are pigmented and only one shade is slightly patchy


  • two tiny issues with Love Letter and Vermeer


I absolutely love this palette overall and if you can afford the splurge then I really recommend buying this. There is hardly anything that I don’t love about this and I am super picky with palettes! I am so glad that this lived up to the hype around it and did not disappoint me!

— Hailey 💄

27 thoughts on “Is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette worth the hype?”

  1. It took me forever to my hands on this palette and my only real issue is that outside cover. *cringe* I’m fine with the color, just not the material. I cannot keep this thing clean. 😡

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  2. I have the palette too and I really think it’s worth the hype too! I use it everyday since I got it and I’m obsessed. Vermeer is actually one of my favorite shades but I totally have a bit of the same issue with it. But after a little practicing it started to look really good in my eyelooks! xo

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