Taking My Makeup Inventory!

Hello everyone! This was inspired by someone on instagram who took her makeup inventory and saw that she had 287 products in total. I was curious about how much I owned and so I decided to do this. It will be long, so grab a snack or something! I think this is a fun way to show you guys what I own and any of you reading, feel free to do this post as well because it is fun!

Here we go:

Liquid foundation – 2

Powder – 1

Liquid concealers – 2

stick concealers – 2

Powder blush – 2

Cream blush – 4

Liquid Highlighters – 5

Eyeshadow quads/mini palettes – 5

Liquid lipstick – 3

lipstick (all finishes) – 19

Lip gloss – 15

Lipliners – 2

Contour/Bronzer – 5

Single Eyeshadows – 12

Brows – 3

Cream/liquid/gel eyeliner – 4

Eye primers – 4

Mascara – 12

Pen eyeliners – 4

Pencil Eyeliners – 10

Fibers – 1

Face Palettes – 2

Eyeshadow palettes (large) – 5

Grand total: 124 products!

Anyways that is all I have for you all today and I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to see your guys collections and inventory, if you do this post then link it down below in the comments so I can read it!

— Hailey πŸ’„

28 thoughts on “Taking My Makeup Inventory!”

      1. Hello Hailey! It’s alright. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So much has happened! After reading various makeup blogs, I feel a little embarrassed by my humble collection despite carrying so many products! Still learning so much from your blog!

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        1. Aww! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving too! Sometimes I feel the same way you do. You’re so sweet, thank you for commenting, I’m so glad you are learning and enjoying the blog!


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