Yet Another Huge Beauty Product Declutter

Hello everyone! I’ve been going crazy with spring cleaning and I have been decluttering out the things I don’t use. I realized I have so many samples that I don’t use and a lot of products I hold on to for no reason! I recently did one of these so I will link it here for you guys to check out!

So let’s get into the decluttering:



After getting myself some really nice eyeshadow I realized that these baked Laura Geller eyeshadows (left) aren’t that pigmented, so I’m letting them go. The color sites mineral shadow on the bottom is really great formula wise but I don’t use those bright green and blue shades. The neutral dr haushka shadows are not something I reach for since I have so many neutral mattes. I also realized that I have all the shades from this lancome palette in my collection so I’m going to get rid of it.


The lash domination by bareMinerals is such a good mascara but I never reach for it because I love my Tarteist mascara more! I also never use my Loreal butterfly one and it isn’t cruelty free so out it goes.


Both of these are really old and I think it’s time to let them go! Aveda is also no longer cruelty free so I’ll let this pencil go in favor of my new becca eye pencil.


This powder foundation is three years old and smells gross so into the trash it goes!


Both of these glosses are not cruelty free and I have a clear butter London one I like more. And I never use the lipstick that I made even though they’re so pretty, so I’ll declutter them.


I love this neutrogena face wash but I don’t use it anymore because I have a cream cleanser I prefer more.

Nail polish: 

I actually never paint my nails, so I decided to get rid of these three which I never wear!


Most of these are foundation samples that are too dark. I also have dry skin so these blemish clearing juice beauty samples are being given to friends!

31 products decluttered

6 products that weren’t cruelty free!

Anyways that’s all I have for you guys and I hope that you enjoyed this post! Tell me if you are going to declutter and I hope I inspired you guys to spring clean!

— Hailey 💄

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