Makeup Wishlist for this Spring and Summer

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to try out so many things with all my favorite brands releasing new collections. these are five of the things I have been wanting for a while and I will hopefully soon be purchasing this spring and summer!

*disclaimer: no photos are mine, these are all from instagram. I left the account names in the photos to give them proper credit for their beautiful pictures*

1. Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed in prismatic amythst


This is so beautiful and I absolutely love the shift to it. It looks stunning and I have yet to try a becca highlighter. I will definitely be saving up to purchase this! I’ve heard so many good reviews and I know that becca is a consistent brand so I have no qualms about purchasing it!

2. Anastasia modern renaissance palette


I’ve been wanting this for ages you guy so, I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews and the hype around it still hasn’t gone always. I feel like the red toned shadows would be a staple in my collection and I love the formula. It always feels so soft and buttery when I swatch it in ulta, I am just so hyped to but this eventually!

3. Tarte tartelette in bloom palette


Even though my tartelette matte palette wasn’t the best, I’m willing to give tarte another shot with this palette. Their shimmer shadows are so beautiful and I’ve seen how gorgeous this looks when it’s swatched. It’s also such a pretty neutral palette that would be amazing for everyday and traveling. And the packaging is gorgeous!

4. Stila magnificent metals liquid eyeshadows

These have been gorgeous on Instagram which is how I found out about them. They feel non gritty and blend out super easily (I’ve gone in and swatched them multiple times!). Sometimes glitter gets chunky and liquidy when it’s in this form but those se feel so smooth so I am definitely wanting all of them!

5. NARS loaded eyeshadow palette


THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the rusty shades in it and I’ve heard amazing things about the pigmentation and the way that the shadows blend out. It’s a pretty blend of shimmers and natural shades with a few bold . I’ve seen one swipe swatches of this and these shades are chock full of pigment! This would be such a great palette to own!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment down below and tell me what you guys have been wanting these past couple months! If you enjoyed then please leave a like, it lets me know what kind of posts you guys want to see!

— Hailey 💄

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