Becca blushed with light trio review

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog and I hope you guys enjoy this post. Today I’m going to review the becca blushed with light trio which is a high end/expensive product and show you guys whether it’s worth the hype and the money.

Promise: 3 universally flattering blush shades that can be worn alone or mixed together for radiance on every complexion.

Price: $34

Overview: three shades, one matte and two shimmer. Becca is cruelty free 🙌🏻

I actually love this palette, it’s pigmented but not so much that it’s difficult to work with. Wisteria, the matte purplepink shade is gorgeous on fair skin, and the two darker ones (songbird and snapdragon) would be beautiful on deeper skin tones. But any complexion can use all of these to be honest. For the price, I think it  is good value because you get a nice pan size for all three.


Shades Top to bottom: wisteria, songbird, snapdragon

Pan size compared to a few other blushes:


  • Smooth formula
  • Pigmented
  • No kickback
  • Cruelty free
  • Universally flattering shades
  • Beautiful and sleek packaging
  • No scent
  • Natural looking on the skin
  • Decent pan size
  • Even though this is a limited edition product it is great quality


  • Price
  • Might not work on the deepest skin tones
  • Limited edition (still available though!)

There you guys go! I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did then I hope you leave a like and a comment telling me what your favorite becca product is! I’m intrigued by their prismatic amethyst highlighter have any of you tried it?

— Hailey 💄

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