Exciting Makeup Haul from my Birthday!


Hello everyone! So a few days ago it was my birthday and I got loads of gifts from friends and family which I’m all very thankful for! I’m going to show you all what I got makeup wise, as I’ll be doing reviews on most of these products and I want you all to see what new things I’ll be working with.


Photofinish lash primer –  im really excited to see how this affects how long my lashes look  when I wear mascara and if it’s worth the money.

Photofinish hydrating under eye primer – hopefully this stops my undereye concealer creases, it will be a holy grail and lifesaver if it does.

Full exposure mascara – this is one of those cult favorites i’ve seen on youtube so I’m super excited to try it and it will most definitely be in a review for you guys!

Photomatte eyes palette – possibly what I’m most excited about! This has shades for filling in your brows,eyeliner and eyeshadow so it’s basically and all in one eyes palette which I’m amazed by. I love the consistency of these from the swatches I’ve done!


Night star eyeshadow quad – this is so gorgeous and I’m excited to try beccas eyeshadows because the rest of their brand is so amazing and consistent.

Ultimate cream eyeliner in new classic – this feels super easy to work with already because of the texture and I am loving the dark green/black color!

Ultimate color gloss in hummingbird- this is non sticky and super pretty so far, it also smells of vanilla and I’m in love with it.

Beach tint shimmer souffl̩ in raspberry opal Рthis is possibly the most gorgeous gloss ever. The shade name is spot on and I am in love with both the formula and the shade!

Butter London: 

Two piece plush rush lip gloss collection in first kiss and free fall – two super cute minis. The lightest is a cruelty free dupe for another gloss I had which was fantastic!

Wink matte liquid eyeliner – this is so long lasting and pigmented from switching it on my hand , if this works out will on my eyes I will definitely let you all know.

On the glow pen in gold – I have one of these in a pinker shade and it’s the best for highlighting my nose. I am excited to add this one to my collection!


This brand is apparently cruelty free and vegan! Their packaging is also stunning and I can not wait to try these tonight!

I hope you guys enjoyed my beauty haul and I will definitely be posting honest reviews soon for a lot of these items. Disclaimer as well, I’m not bragging in any way, just super excited to share new additions to my collection with all of you guys!

— Hailey 💄


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