1st Project Pan – Through Spring!

Hello everyone! I have never done a project pan before, which seems crazy because I feel like all around me, everyone is doing them! I decided to hop on the train, these products are what I plan to use up by the end of May or at least make some progress on them, since I never use up anything.


I have two I am planning to make progress on. The nude lipstick by Laura Geller is almost empty and I am hoping to finish it off soon. The maybelline lipstick in pink pop isn’t cruelty free and I would love to finish that and be one step closer to cruelty free!


Again, this is not cruelty free and I’m trying to finish it. This Loreal lumi highlighter is stunning though , I definitely recommend it to all of you who buy Loreal, or are on a budget!

Lip balms: 

Three! The Nivea lip butter is fantastic but also not cruelty free and I want to finish it before it expires since I’ve had it for a while. It turns out EOS aren’t cruelty free either so I’m going to use these flavors up!  (Just threw out the white one because it smells horrible, but I’ll finish the orange one)

Hand cream: 

The almond hand cream by the body shop is amazing and this tube is almost finished so I threw it in here because I’ve already bought another tube and want to get rid of this one.


This is a physicians formula mascara, I find it doesn’t do anything for my lashes but I’m using it as a primer sort of before my two coats of actual mascara to separate the lashes and make them blacker.

I will give you guys an update roughly in late May or early June on my spring project pan! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you guys want to do a spring one with me then pick your products and post about it! Leave your link in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

— Hailey 💄

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