March Beauty Favorites

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! We are so grateful for all of your support over the past seven months we’ve been blogging! Today I’m going to share all of my March skincare, haircare and makeup favorites that I’ve been using all of March!


Dallas Bronzer and Blush: this is my absolute favorite thing to warm up my skin with, it’s beautiful as a blush and bronzer which is incredibly cool, I’m loving it. If you want more information then I have a review on it!

Lancôme lip gloss in Charmed Pink: this is unbelievably gorgeous, it has gold flecks in it and I love the feel of it. (No Lancôme isn’t cruelty free, my mom gave this to me so I didn’t buy it, but I do love it!)

Butter London bloody brilliant Lippy crayon in teddy boy: this is such a pretty my lips but better color and it has a peachy tint to it which makes it a gorgeous nude for fair skin!


Bio Keratin volumizing dry shampoo: this really does give your hair a fresh washed feeling and it doesn’t leave my curls heavy, their all bouncy which I really enjoy. This also is paraben free if you are trying to avoid those!


Luxe beauty care sheet masks: these were in a set of five for five dollars and they work so amazingly! I’m incredibly impressed and I will be using the rest of them up soon!

Juice beauty blemish be gone: okay this was the winner of the month. This cleared up any zits overnight so if you have oily skin or blemish prone skin definitely pick this up, juice beauty usually works well on sensitive skin too.

Caudalíe Micellar cleansing water: I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, it feels so soft and moisturized that I definitely have to share this with you all. I finally jumped onto the bandwagon for Micellar water supply, clearly I’ve been missing out!

Thank you guys so much for reading and as always if you enjoyed this then please leave a like and share your own favorites down below!

— Hailey 💄

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