Benefit Dallas Dusty Rose Face Powder Review and Swatches!

Hello everyone! Lately I have been using this a ton, and I realized I’ve never reviewed or swatched it, even though its in our instagram pictures so often! Here are my thoughts on the Dallas bronzer that I got for Christmas three months ago!

The Promise: (from Benefit’s website) Provides a sheer wash of sun kissed radiance. It is a blush and bronzer all in one and flatters all skin tones.

I have been using it as both a bronzer and a blush, and it works amazing either way. I like that I can take it traveling and not need a bronzer or blush palette, it just saves so much space and time in the morning. It is also really nice on the skin and still looks natural and beautiful after hours of school or work. It does have a strong scent, I personally am loving it but I know some of you don’t, and it goes away right after you apply the product.  I think that this was overshadowed by the hype for benefit’s hoola bronzer, but this is gorgeous!



  • Two in One
  • Will flatter most skin tones
  • beautiful and natural on the skin
  • easy to apply
  • saves both time and space in your bag
  • large amount of product for the price
  • nice feel and texture
  • beautiful packaging, with a brush


  • Not Cruelty Free
  • has a couple of glitter particles in it
  • the scent (might bother some of you guys!)

The Bottom Line: It does everything it says it does, it is a beautiful powder that works as a blush or bronzer somehow, it’s amazing on most skin tones!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review! If you did then leave a like and a comment telling me what your favorite benefit product is!

— Hailey 💄

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