How to: Grow Your Blog Semi – Easily


Hello everyone! Gaining readers and blog followers is difficult when you just start out, so here are tips that helped this blog grow, and can be applied to any blog. I hope this is helpful for all of you who want to blog but are discouraged that no one is reading, or are beginners!

1. use tags! – Easiest one!


Be sure you don’t use too many and also that they are all separated. What tags do is put your post in the WordPress reader so other bloggers can find it, it’s similar to using hashtags on Instagram.

2.Spread the word every time you post something

Promote your post on social media, email alerts are slow and you can increase your engagement on social media.
3. promote on your social media and build a following there 

Make your first priority to keep all your social media handles the same so people can find you on every site. Then keep building a following of people that enjoy your content, because then they will definitely click on your blog link when you promote a post!

4. read and follow other blogs you genuinely enjoy reading

Following other blogs will sometimes lead to a follow back, or a blogger friendship. Use the blogs that you enjoy reading for inspiration for your posts or improving your own content!

5. engage with your current followers by responding to comments, Instagram stories or doing live videos

If you don’t show love to your current supporters, then they won’t want to support you any more! Be sure to always respond to comments and make everyone supporting you feel appreciated.

6.give your blog a makeover 

If you have had the same theme for ages and your blog isn’t growing, give it a refresher. Making your blog an inviting and happy place will encourage the people reading to stay longer, so don’t overlook your theme!

7. Post consistently!

Possibly the hardest tip I have for you all is to keep at it and post often. I have a whole post on how I keep my posts consistent on this blog, so you can check that out right here!

That’s all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyed! Most importantly, never give up. Things won’t improve rapidly and it takes time in order to see results. I wish you all luck growing your blogs and I hope all your effort pays off 🙂 Share this post with anyone else who you think would benefit from it, they’ll appreciate it!

— Hailey 💄


37 thoughts on “How to: Grow Your Blog Semi – Easily

  1. I think my issue (besides consistency) is changing my blog themes/look too much; it’s just that I am undecisive and want the best look…but then, I’ve only been blogging over a month here ;p. Anyhow, they are some useful tips; I just find it hard to treat all social media equally; it’s certainly an investment of time and passionate energy.

    ~ Bre

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