3 Youtubers That I Trust

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! Today I’m going to share with you three youtubers that I trust. Some youtubers review products for sponsorships and aren’t always honest, so here are three that you can rely on. Share your favorite youtubers in the comments below! I am always on youtube and would love to hear your recommendations!

1. Tati

Tati is so honest about what she does not like which I love hearing about. She also tests out whether things are worth the money, or just overhyped which I enjoy. Her videos are so relaxing and calming, and great for anyone on a budget. She has tons of videos for products she hates, both drugstore and high end which is refreshing to hear, and I always trust her reviews. Her channel: here

2. livloveshermakeup

Most likely you haven’t heard of her channel because she is pretty new to the youtube game, but she is growing quickly (40,000 subscribers!). She is so raw and honest about any products and I absolutely trust all of her reviews. She doesn’t edit her videos, which I think adds to her realness and I absolutely love her channel, go check it out.

3. Jeffree Star

No matter what you think of Jeffree, and there are a lot of bad things you can criticize him for, he is honest. Jeffree once said he would never ever want to be paid to talk about a product on youtube, and so I do trust his reviews. He was honest about how bad the vice liquid lipsticks were from Urban Decay, and other products so I definitely do trust what he has to say about new releases and as a makeup artist, he has tons of experience doing what he does.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Leave me your favorite youtubers and channels to watch in the comments below, I read and reply to everyone. Thank you guys so much for all your support!

— Hailey

33 thoughts on “3 Youtubers That I Trust”

  1. I love that you mention “trust” I feel like there’s a lot of YouTubers that I question their sincerity of liking the product or if they’re doing it just for the sponsorship! Tati is great!

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  2. Never heard of “livloveshermakeup” but after checking her channel and blog out, I fell in love, thank you for a new YouTuber 😉

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  3. What a great post! I really trust thatsheart – she does drugstore stuff, and tells you about only what is REALLY good. I love this type of post 👌🏻

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