Our Dream Beauty Room Design


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! This week we wanted to do something a bit different and we were inspired by the company Arhaus. Today we are going to show you our ideas for our dream beauty room and vanity, feel free to share your ideas about your dream room in the comments! 



Photo from: Arhaus

Crystaly chandeliers are absolute favorite for elegance and they look gorgeous. We would put one large one in the center of our beauty room! This is our favorite one and we loved almost everything we saw on Arhaus for lighting


We both love white, clean accents and pastel colors (especially mint and light pink). Peony flowers are really pretty accents, and we loved looking at this gorgeous nail and perfume rack. Both of us own a lot of nail polish/ other small beauty items and would love this to store our nail polish and perfume.


A full three panel mirror and lighted vintage mirror would be beautiful in our dream room. The three panel would be awesome for getting ready in the morning!
Vanity Table/Makeup Storage:

These alex drawers from Ikea are youtube famous and we think they are so pretty and provide enough storage for our large makeup collections. The white aesthetic would look pretty in our room and we would love to have these!

Thank you guys so much for reading! We hope you liked our dream beauty room and if you are inspired then feel free to create your own dream space~ We had a lot of fun making this post and if you enjoyed then please leave a like and follow our blog!

*disclaimer: we were not paid to do this and there aren’t any affiliate links*

— Christine and Hailey

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