Top 3 Mascaras for the Lower Lashes 

Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well and welcome back to our blog! I know finding a good lower lash mascara can be difficult so I’ve compiled a top three list of my absolute favorites  as recommendations for you guys. If you want to see my top three that don’t smudge then just keep on reading!
1. No Smudge mascara by  Bobbi Brown


This is absolutely amazing! I have gone running in this, cried, sweated in it and it has stayed on! I have had no problems with my mascara transferring at all since I started using this and it comes off easily when you want to remove it. I love that it gives your lashes some length, some volume and is extremely black. As you guys saw in my everyday makeup routine this is a daily favorite of mine!

2. W3ll people expressionist mascara


This mascara is super black and makes your lashes appear really long. It doesn’t flake and doesn’t leave me with circles by the end of the day so I especially enjoy using it when I’m going for a more dramatic look than everyday. It’s also my favorite brush of all time because it really separates your lashes.This is great because it is cruelty free and an environmentally friendly brand if you’re buy conciously!

3. tarte lights camera lashes mascara


This is one of my favorite mascaras ever as you guys probably all know by now! Because of the small wand size, it is really easy to use on your bottom lashes. This holds up well during the day and I don’t get any black marks, but it is most certainly not waterproof. This also looks really natural so if you are into that you will love this mascara!

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— Haikey 💄

24 thoughts on “Top 3 Mascaras for the Lower Lashes ”

  1. Nice post, thanks! I usually end up skipping my bottom lashes because they are so short and I usually just end up getting mascara everywhere haha. I just got that tarte mascara so I will give it a shot! Thanks for the suggestions!

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  2. Wowww nice top three. I also have my Maybelline Great lash and jt is perfect for lower lashes. If anybody want to know about drugstore mascara for loverlashes look for it on my blog 💕👏🏻

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