Giving my Brushes a Bath (Jane iredale Brush Cleanser review)


Hello everyone! It occurred to me that I haven’t given my brushes a bath in a little while, and I wanted to share what I’ve been using lately with you all. I’ve been using this for the past couple months, and while there are some super inexpensive alternatives, I usually feel better about using a product specifically formulated for both synthetic and real hair brushes since I have a mix, instead of using just baby shampoo.

The promise: will clean and condition brushes at the same time, seaweed extracts to condition and anti-microbial grapefruit extracts.

For “Swatches”, I’m going to show you a before and after!


I have roughly split my collection into fluffy brushes and smaller ones to show you guys how dirty they are before.

I don’t have that many brushes since I only do makeup on myself, but if you have any recommendations leave them in the comments below!

Also It brushes for Ulta are amazing quality, I own five, and after two years of use nearly every day no hair from any of them has fallen out. They aren’t cheap but I think they are worth it!



-my brushes feel super soft and conditioned!

– easy to use packaging with a spray nozzle

– smells amazing and citrusy, I definitely enjoyed that

-feels like water. No stickiness or residue left on my hands or counter

-no makeup residue left on the brushes, they feel clean.

– no parabens or sulfates, and everything by this company is cruelty free 👍🏻


–  appears to get off face makeup and eyeshadow easily, but my brushes remained somewhat dirty looking.

– have to use a lot of product for results.

That’s all I have for you guys today!  If you enjoyed this post please click the like button to let me know and follow for a new post every Monday and Thursday, and Saturdays for maybe the rest of February!

— Hailey 💄


4 thoughts on “Giving my Brushes a Bath (Jane iredale Brush Cleanser review)

  1. You have reminded me that I need to give my brushes a bath too! I’ve been putting it off forever… I haven’t heard of this brush cleaner before. I normally use baby shampoo too but I’m curious to try something formulated specifically for cleaning brushes. I know cleansing oil works well on my beauty blenders!

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