How to Organize your Makeup Collection for Cheap

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! So today I wanted to show you my makeup storage plus how to organize without spending much money at all. Hopefully you guys get something out of this, acrylic drawers are so expensive.

Lets jump in, here are five ways you can organize your collection for cheap.

Repurpose things you already have – 

Boxes, cups, anything can work. Stationary boxes are perfect since they are shallow. I love this trick especially for right now, because you probably  bought holiday cards to give to friends last month, so there is plenty of boxes around for you to use.

This is the box that holds all my lip glosses~

Use desk organizers instead of makeup organizers, they do the same job and desk organizers are cheaper –

This Poppin desk tray was $5 and you can find little “bits and bobs” trays for super cheap on their website. In any store you can find small desk organizing trays for less expensive than anything marketed as a makeup organizer. The cheapest “makeup tray” I found was $10 and looked similar to this ($5).

I use this for bronzers, but you can fill it with eyeshadow quads!

Check bargain stores! –

TJmaxx has three shelves where they carry acrylic organizers for the cheapest prices! If you want an acrylic organizer definitely check there. All three of mine are from Marshalls and under $8 each!

Use your space for places to store items – 

Little nooks can easily be filled!If your desk has a mirror like mine, usually on the sides there is three inches of space, line up your blushes or stack palettes like I did.

DIY brush holders –

This is super easy, I used an old mason jar, and some small pebbles that I collected from the beach. You can use aquarium gravel ($2.99) which is cheaper than vase filler ($7)

For the second one,I used a box and put a small piece of foam on the bottom to elevate my shorter brushes. For the tall ones I poked a hole through the foam so that they stood up.


Finished result!

Final Product: ($25)

That’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you guys found this post entertaining, if I helped one of the 450 of you following I’m happy. I hope you guys have a great day, and if you enjoyed this post then click the like button! Follow for new posts three times a week!

— Hailey

20 thoughts on “How to Organize your Makeup Collection for Cheap”

      1. You bet! You would be amazed how many brushes and eye pencils I have in mine. It might have been all of $5. It’s funny because I had bought a ceramic one at the dollar store that was basically useless.

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  1. Desk organizers? Never tried that before but its a great idea! I personally use makeup organizers from Centrepoint (Lifestyle), I really like them! Although the biggest ones can be 20 pounds, they have smaller ones for a lot cheaper as well, and all in all, they are great quality, perfect for organizing your makeup!!

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