February Beauty Favorites!


Hello everyone! February sort of flew by, and here are some of my absolute favorite products that I have been loving all month. Some of these are new faves and some are old favorites! I hope you all enjoy and here are my favorites in makeup and haircare for this month!


Loreal lumi illuminator

You guys know how much I love this stuff! I’ve been trying to use it up lately and it gives me such a nice everyday glow.

Rimmel match perfection concealer

I recently rediscovered this! I absolutely love it, it is so lightweight and blends super easily. It doesn’t crease and this might just be my holy grail drugstore concealer!

Lancôme lipstick in The New Pink

One of my friends gave this to me, completely new, so thank you! It is such a pretty pink, it makes your lips look healthy and a little bit brighter. It is comfy to wear and I have been absolutely loving how lightweight and pretty it is!

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara

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Girl Talk #1 – Double Standards


Thank you everyone for following and reading our blogs! We are super excited to start this girl talk series. We believe that some of these things need to talked about, but are too taboo and often don’t get mentioned as much as they should be.

Today’s topic will be double standards girls often face in their families and in everyday life in general.


A majority of girls are in families with brothers who, as they get older, get to experience more opportunities than their sisters.


For example, curfews. Parents often give their daughters a stricter curfew. “You MUST be home by 11pm!”  Both our families have strict curfews, but Hailey has two brothers who don’t have any curfew at all.

I’m sure like us, this fact frustrates you. Constantly being told it’s dangerous to go out at a certain time. Or that you’re too young to do certain things, but then watching your older/younger brother be able to do those certain things. Continue reading

Milani Color Statement Lipstick Review


Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! I hope all of you guys are doing well! Today I’m going to review these Milani color statement lipsticks I got in the beginning of january. Milani and their lip products especially have been slaying on YouTube and all around WordPress so I was super excited to give these a go.

The promise: vitamin a and c infused lipsticks that feel as good on the lips as they look! (Milani website)

Price point: drugstore! (around six dollars)

I have been wearing the bright pink super often. Both have a matte finish which I like, they are so comfortable. Both of them have equal levels of pigmentation so the color statement line is fairly consistent! These do not feather or bleed out of the lip line which is a definite bonus and they are pretty long wearing!

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Updated Skincare Routine for Dry Skin


Hello everyone! I did a post like this a wayyy long time ago and I think it is most definitely time for an update. I have almost completely switched everything I use so let’s get into it!


1. Bareminerals Eye Makeup Remover

I love this, its oil based and really does get off your mascara and eyeshadow easily. I am almost out actually!

2. Neutrogena cleansing oil

This is my second step to removing all of my makeup, I like to make sure there is nothing left on my face, since I use a lot of SPF.  It leaves your skin feeling really fresh and hydrated afterward.

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Top 5 Holy Grail Drugstore Products!


Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog and I hope you are all having a lovely day. Today I’m going to share with you five drugstore products that I absolutely could not live without! Drugstore makeup is surprisingly amazing quality for the price sometimes, these are my  favorites, if you see these, snap them up!

1. profusion studio contour palette

This is a gorgeous contour palette and the shade selection is spot on for my skin tone. It’s hard to find contour products that don’t look muddy on fair skin but this is perfect. I also love the message behind the brand and it being cruelty free as well as all natural. Read my review here if you want more information!

2. loreal lumi illuminator in the shade ice 

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Top 3 Mascaras for the Lower Lashes 


Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well and welcome back to our blog! I know finding a good lower lash mascara can be difficult so I’ve compiled a top three list of my absolute favorites  as recommendations for you guys. If you want to see my top three that don’t smudge then just keep on reading!
1. No Smudge mascara by  Bobbi Brown


This is absolutely amazing! I have gone running in this, cried, sweated in it and it has stayed on! I have had no problems with my mascara transferring at all since I started using this and it comes off easily when you want to remove it. I love that it gives your lashes some length, some volume and is extremely black. As you guys saw in my everyday makeup routine this is a daily favorite of mine!

2. W3ll people expressionist mascara

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How to Organize your Makeup Collection for Cheap


Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog! So today I wanted to show you my makeup storage plus how to organize without spending much money at all. Hopefully you guys get something out of this, acrylic drawers are so expensive.

Lets jump in, here are five ways you can organize your collection for cheap.

Repurpose things you already have – 

Boxes, cups, anything can work. Stationary boxes are perfect since they are shallow. I love this trick especially for right now, because you probably  bought holiday cards to give to friends last month, so there is plenty of boxes around for you to use.

This is the box that holds all my lip glosses~

Use desk organizers instead of makeup organizers, they do the same job and desk organizers are cheaper –

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