Best Beauty Bargain of the Month

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our blog. I hope you all are doing amazing! Today I want to talk about a product that I’m incredibly excited about. This Profusion studio contour palette was $3.99, making it an incredibly cheap buy and it works absolutely fantastically. I have swatched this for you guys, so keep reading for a review!





  • Two matte highlights
  • one shimmer highlight
  • Three matte brown contour colors

The middle banana toned highlight shade is great for setting under eye concealer and is less yellow in the pan than it showed up in photos. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to contour and highlight with and it was so incredibly cheap!

The ones I use (for fair skin):

I love that this doesn’t look muddy on my face, which is a problem for me with bronzers usually. These are super pigmented so don’t be put off by the inexpensive price. I’m also impressed by the packaging which feels heavy.

Swatches of contour shades: 

Swatches of highlight shades:

 I’m incredibly impressed with the shimmer highlight because it is stunning.


  • Super cheap
  • gorgeous shimmer highlight that isn’t chunky
  • good color selection/pigmentation.
  • nice quality packaging
  • This brand is cruelty free
  • buttery and super blendable shades


  • Medium contour shade looks too orangy

If you guys see this at your local Marshalls or Tj maxx it is a hit! Snatch it up! I love this product, it turned out to be amazing instead of a total flop.

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— Hailey 💄

25 thoughts on “Best Beauty Bargain of the Month”

  1. Lovely post and review! I agree that the bottom contour and highlighter are the best. I don’t get the other two highlighter shades. From your swatch, they look like face powders. Have you tried depot? I don’t opt for bigger palettes usually as I know I probably will end up using only 1-2 shades.

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  2. definitely love the colors but the highlighter seemed to be not so visible. not sure if it’s coz u have a fair skin but the rest of the colours look amazing. The packaging reminds me of another contour palette of some brand but just can’t remember. Love your thoughts about this product 🙂

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