January Beauty Empties! 

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great day and welcome back to our blog! We thank you so much for 500 followers, it means so much to us and we both agree that we never thought we would get here!

Today I want to share with you all of my empties from this month. I hardly ever use up any products so you guys know I must really love everything I’m going to show you! If you haven’t seen my last empties post of everything from 2o16 that I finished, you can check it out here!


Physicians formula pencil liner in the shade brown – 

this is an amazing liner! I find physicians formula eyeliners to be so smooth and very pigmented.  This is my go to for the lower lash line to define it!

Repurchase: Yes!

Stila Lip glaze In the shade Gleam – 

I used this up, it was a gift so I didn’t want to throw it away but it was really sticky. although it was gorgeous, if my lips are glued together I cannot say anything good about that gloss because I absolutely hate sticky lip products.

Repurchase: no


St. tropica Organic Coconut hot oil hair mask – 

This made my hair feel so hydrated and my curls were bouncing all over the place. I really loved what it did to my hair! I got two uses out of this an it was four dollars, my hair is so thick so I bet anyone else could get three uses out of it! For the price I really think it is worth it and I loved those

Repurchase: yes!


Aveda botanical kinetics toning mist – 

This is a really nice toner, it makes your face feel tight and hydrated . I’ve only tried a couple of toners so I want to find a few more that I like before using one religiously. Does anyone have recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!

Repurchase: No

Alba Botanica Makeup Wipes –

These are so gentle on your face, lids and lashes and removed my makeup well. They left my face feeling really fresh instead of red and dry, so these were a major hit for me!

Repurchase: Yes!

Ahava extreme firming eye cream –

This was a great cream for hydrating but it did nothing for my fine lines and did not reduce the hooding on my eyes.  Ot was very moisturizing but I think I have found something better!

Repurchase: probably not

Those are all my January beauty empties guys! I hope you enjoyed and if you did click the like button and follow our blog for new posts 3 times a week!

–Hailey 💄

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