Putting DIY Lipstick Methods to the Test

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our blog! I’m incredibly excited about today’s post, I’m going to be testing out a diy lipstick method by Karina Garcia on YouTube to see if it works! I  mentioned a few days ago in my going cruelty free post that I wasn’t going to use any of the Sephora palette eye shadows since they were too bright.  I was decided to make lipstick out of them to use them up completely and not throw anything away! If you want to see if this diy lipstick method on YouTube actually work then keep reading:

What you will need:

(Lipgloss or Vaseline not both)

A mixing container, beeswax Chapstick and lip gloss. If you don’t have lip gloss ,Vaseline is the best substitute I found since I ran out of gloss half way through!

Then you will need eyeshadow:

Directions from youtube:

1. Mix  a small amount of Chapstick and twice as much lipgloss together
2. Add eyeshadow and mix together

3. Put in container

(I used an eyeshadow palette, scraped out the shades you used those pans as my containers.)

Did it work? YES! 


These are all really creamy and gorgeous! The darkest matte pink and the bronzy brown are my favorites! All in all I’m very impressed that this method worked. The lightest pink did not turn out how I expected though, that was the only disappointing one!

This was kind of a crazy post but I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you want to try this it’s super easy and you get the hang of it fast so I recommend you all go for it if you have shadows or blushes you aren’t using. It’s a great way to recycle old makeup so you can avoid throwing any away. Leave a like if you enjoyed and follow for new posts three times a week!

*Also, we are planning to do a Q and A together once we hit 500 followers so that you guys can get to know us more and learn all about our crazy personalities!*

— Hailey 💄

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